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  • Hiragana times

    The magazine that introduces the real Japan to the world Hiragana Times has been published since
    1986 and has readers in more than 90 countries. Japanese Practices, Japan Watching, Working in Japan etc...


    This site contains 1,000 hotels selected for foreign tourists out of the 8,000 facilities
    with which JTB has contracts, as well as 100 tour courses the firm
    conducts for non-Japanese visitors.

  • Tokyo Traveler

    A site dedicated to travel in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, covering local sightseeing, events,
    restaurants, history and culture.


    YOMOYOMO is a multi-language phonetic reading site that can add phonetic reading to any site or
    texts in five different alphabets, Hiragara, Roman, Hangul, Devanagari and Cyrillic letters.

  • OK World

    Living information for foreign residents in Japan.